Why, What & How?

We are surrounded by tones of ideas and research but you know one thing is common in all of these; yes you are right! The purpose, the purpose that comes through asking why then start the process by knowing what & last but not least How!


We'll always start with asking "Why". Why are we doing this work in the first place? Why does this work and not some others? Why only me not others? We'll never take things for granted. Maybe it's sometimes hard and annoying, but without understanding your "Why", you might end up with the solution that nobody needs. 

We want to help people of our planet who are so busy in their job or business & have no or less time for the problems coming in their home related to electronic appliances, broken furniture, unorganized garden, painting of home, home decoration, etc. while tackling with these unwanted and unexpected daily situations parallel with their important things, arrange time from their busy schedule makes their life more busy and stressful. 

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” ---Denis Waitley--- 


We'll start looking for the "What" once we've figured out our "Why." We'll make a lot of "What would happen if we did this..." statements at this point. We'll experiment with some clever, ingenious, and ridiculous ideas. We'll put them to the test, update them, and, if necessary, eliminate them. We'll do whatever it takes to figure out how to accomplish our objectives.

The Same approach we apply here at SAY HI, we start creating new services with ideas and customer feedback, implement them, & see what impact it causes to the people around us.  Timely modify our ideas by making ourself flexible to changes. 

Stupid people go to college but "smart people own them" 

---Chetan Bhagat---


Now, we know both the "Why" and the "What", it's time for execution. Time to decide how we'll achieve all these things & plan it well. If we did the previous two mindfully, this one's gonna be a bit easy. Yes, we still have to make it all come together and work. Tools and skills and experience will be required. But we'll have a clear compass to guide us, and there won't be any uncertainties.