Why join us?

1. To get interpersonal growth & proficiency, expertise in your work skills.

2. We provide timely training & grooming classes to our professionals to cope with a fast-changing environment.

3. We offer good incentives on achievements & the best workplace to professionals by helping them in their situations. 

4. We expect the support should be both Ways; professional work for us and we work for them & their family.

5. We offer health insurance services for professionals after 6months of joining & before them we teach & groom to get ready for the market and be experts in their domain.

6. Here we have no discrimination policy, where we see all are equal human beings and have equal rights & opportunities. We welcome everyone to join us and serve our country's people.

7. We offer weekly salary option rather than monthly based to help the professional to tackle their situations and live a peaceful life 

8. We offer traveling allowance to professionals after a certain KM distance of up to 3rs/KM.

Registration Process

1. Click on the join as professional button.

2. Fill in the details in the registration forms.

3. Up all the required documents in defined format & size.

4. Click on submit button to submit the registration form.

5. Registration complete.

Requirement's to Join as professional

1. Must be 18+ years of age.

2. Have valid government ID proof (Aadhaar card, driving license, PAN card, bank account passbook, etc)

3. Address proof.

4. Active mobile number and E-mail ID.

5. Passport size photo.