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We offer Bleach Services that you need inside your home. Our certified Beautician could Provide better quality of service & experience that you never experienced before.

Bleach all the tan away!!

1. Prepping for the skin : Clean the facial skin with mild face wash and removing all the impurities 

2. Apply the Bleach Cream : Spread a small amount of Bleach cream all over the face evenly in the hair growing direction.Avoid Applying it in sensitive areas. After 15 mins, wash it off with cold water .

3. Soothe your skin : Apply face packs for soothing the skin after Bleach

4. Moisture the Skin : Moisturising it well to maintain that plump and supple skin. Use a soothing and mild moisturiser as per your skin type at the end of the process. 

Tips to Remember